Kirusa Konnect

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Kirusa Konnect

Kirusa Konnect is a cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service, designed to bolster audience engagement over mobile channels. The Konnect suite is composed of a set of unique inbound and outbound communication tools, designed to leverage the ideologies of classical push and pull marketing. These tools are highly customizable, and complement each other in crafting robust campaigns.

The Konnect portal is a SaaS platform to launch inbound and outbound communication campaigns with ease. Using the Konnect portal, enterprises can visualize and manage their communication campaigns over an intuitively smart portal.

Konnect’s inbound tools include SnapCall – a cloud-based missed call solution using which customers can simply leave a missed call to indicate interest in any product or service. Upon flashing a call on the advertised number, users promptly receive a confirmation SMS with the required information. Konnect’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System further complements the inbound communication toolkit by enabling users to directly share feedback, suggestions, and queries with the enterprise. Finally, Konnect also supports inbound SMS as a medium for customers to vote or request information using shortcodes.

Konnect’s suite of outbound tools effectively reaches a wide audience within a very short time via the right medium. These include outbound diallers, voice and “tagged” SMS messages. Konnect’s outbound diallers are built on a robust infrastructure allowing customizable parameters such as retry-limit, call success, failure action, and more. SMS Tagging is a unique outbound service in Konnect’s suite communication tools. It appends a brand’s communication message in the whitespace of a transactional SMS message. SMS Tagging leverages Kirusa’s massive infrastructure of 100 million monthly outgoing SMS messages, enabling enterprises to segment their outreach campaigns by country and carrier.

Kirusa Konnect offers granular, real-time reporting and analytics, enabling enterprises to create compelling engagement campaigns that result in an excellent marketing ROI.

To learn more, visit the Konnect Portal.