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The interface of voice has spearheaded many disruptive innovations in Kirusa’s digital ecosystem. The advent of data coupled with its explosive adaptation has ushered new avenues for voice, ranging from SIM-less cloud telephony to programmatic voice, and beyond. Kirusa is at the forefront of this era, with a product portfolio designed for this environment.

InstaVoice ReachMe

ReachMe is a disruptive GSM-VoIP solution designed for the data era that facilitates high quality local and international voice calls over Wi-Fi or data, without depending on network coverage.

SIM-less Voice Experience over Cloud and Free International Roaming

ReachMe is highly convenient for frequent travellers who are unable to carry all their SIM cards. Incoming calls over ReachMe are free, so international travellers do not need to worry about roaming charges. Users can receive calls without a SIM card in their device, via the app, over Wi-Fi or data. Unlike a typical scenario where the caller is merely told that the called party’s device is switched off, ReachMe connects the two sides, without a SIM card, over Wi-Fi.

Single Platform for Multiple Numbers

A user with multiple SIM cards across carriers and countries, can receive incoming calls for all numbers in the ReachMe app, from a single device. One can avail this feature by simply linking multiple numbers in the ReachMe account.

Win-Win for Telecom Operators

ReachMe works via a distinct hybrid-OTT approach, enabling mobile operators to capture the ‘otherwise missed revenue’ from the calling party. It offers an innovative branding opportunity to operators by letting them present ReachMe as their app. When users install the ReachMe app, the customized operator branding is auto-enabled. The operator’s brand logo and theme give ReachMe a customized look, providing a user experience unique to the operator, thereby increasing brand loyalty.

Enjoy Quality Voice Calls despite Zero Network Coverage

Users can activate ReachMe app and configure conditional or unconditional call forwarding to the app. The ReachMe service auto-detects when the mobile is out of coverage and converts all incoming calls into VoIP calls. Subsequently, these calls can be answered in the app over data or Wi-Fi.

To conclude, ReachMe is revolutionizing the voice calling experience in the data era, while benefitting the partnering operators. It promises to deliver on the growing demand for quality applications while we explore newer possibilities over the cloud.

To learn more, visit the InstaVoice ReachMe website.


InstaVoice is a unique cloud-based, call completion app that enables users to manage voicemail and receive missed call alerts over an elegant, visual interface. It seamlessly integrates with the mobile carrier’s existing infrastructure to deliver reliable voicemail and missed call alert solutions over data, powered by the cloud.

Effortlessly Manage your Voicemail & Missed Calls

InstaVoice is an intuitive visual voicemail app with a user-friendly interface that notifies the user whenever they miss a call, over data. For feature phone users, InstaVoice delivers the missed call notifications via SMS from anybody who has the app installed. InstaVoice sends the user missed call and voicemail notifications if their number is busy, out of coverage or switched off. Users can also send texts, images, and Voice SMS to those who do not have the app installed.

Seamless Interface for all Your Numbers and Devices

InstaVoice offers an incredibly seamless platform, wherein users can link multiple local and international SIMs, and access voicemails and missed calls from all numbers in a single app. They can also connect email accounts with the app and receive regular notifications via email. Users have the advantage of accessing all alerts and chats from multiple devices like iPad, Windows Phone, smartwatch, etc., for all numbers. A single InstaVoice account is sufficient to avail these features.

Convert Voicemails into Texts and Withdraw

Using transcription, InstaVoice can convert voicemail to text, enabling the user to read the voicemail message at a convenient time and place. Users may also withdraw any sent voicemail or unintended message, irrespective of the time sent.

Experience the App on Alexa

InstaVoice is available on Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Dot and Amazon Echo. Users can directly access InstaVoice’s Voicemail features as part of Alexa’s multiple skill sets. To conclude, the InstaVoice app is a highly versatile medium that can be conveniently availed to overcome the challenge of incomplete calls while making the most of voice-over-data.

To learn more please visit, or download the app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Kirusa Konnect

Kirusa Konnect is a cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service, designed to bolster audience engagement over mobile channels. The Konnect suite is composed of a set of unique inbound and outbound communication tools, designed to leverage the ideologies of classical push and pull marketing. These tools are highly customizable, and complement each other in crafting robust campaigns.

The Konnect portal is a SaaS platform to launch inbound and outbound communication campaigns with ease. Using the Konnect portal, enterprises can visualize and manage their communication campaigns over an intuitively smart portal.

Konnect’s inbound tools include SnapCall – a cloud-based missed call solution using which customers can simply leave a missed call to indicate interest in any product or service. Upon flashing a call on the advertised number, users promptly receive a confirmation SMS with the required information. Konnect’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System further complements the inbound communication toolkit by enabling users to directly share feedback, suggestions, and queries with the enterprise. Finally, Konnect also supports inbound SMS as a medium for customers to vote or request information using shortcodes.

Konnect’s suite of outbound tools effectively reaches a wide audience within a very short time via the right medium. These include outbound diallers, voice and “tagged” SMS messages. Konnect’s outbound diallers are built on a robust infrastructure allowing customizable parameters such as retry-limit, call success, failure action, and more. SMS Tagging is a unique outbound service in Konnect’s suite communication tools. It appends a brand’s communication message in the whitespace of a transactional SMS message. SMS Tagging leverages Kirusa’s massive infrastructure of 100 million monthly outgoing SMS messages, enabling enterprises to segment their outreach campaigns by country and carrier.

Kirusa Konnect offers granular, real-time reporting and analytics, enabling enterprises to create compelling engagement campaigns that result in an excellent marketing ROI.

To learn more, visit the Konnect Portal.


InstaVoice is an efficient call completion service that integrates missed calls, voicemail, and Voice SMS to carry through and conclude an incomplete call.

Zero Barriers to Communication

InstaVoice can easily detect whenever a call goes rejected or unanswered. It resolves this challenge by forwarding the subscriber’s call when the called party’s number is busy, switched off or out of coverage. Once forwarded, InstaVoice lets the sender record a Voice SMS to be sent to the recipient’s number. The recipient, if he has a feature phone, receives a text SMS with a dialing number to listen to the voice message, which is free for the first listen. Additionally, the recipient also gets a missed call alert.

A Unique Hybrid-OTT approach

Carrier can quickly roll out a cloud-powered voicemail and missed call service to their subscribers, in a short span of time by integrating InstaVoice. Using InstaVoice’s hybrid-OTT approach, carriers can deliver services from the cloud over data, as well as over their telecom networks.

Seamless Performance across all Devices

Subscribers can get missed call and voicemails from anyone, and send/receive voice messages to both InstaVoice app (Smartphone) users and non-app (Feature-phone) users. The service’s unique device independent feature enables it to work on both feature phones and smartphones across all carriers.

Patented Fair Charging Technology

In an industry first Kirusa has patented a technique through which the voicemail functionality does not charge users unless the subscribers leave a message. This is in line with Kirusa’s ethical policies towards its stakeholders.

Subscribers are looking for newer, more efficient avenues for voice communication, and increased productivity. InstaVoice fits right in as an effective way to reach out and communicate irrespective of device, carrier or network coverage limitations.


Voicemail is regarded the pinnacle of call completion solutions in the 21st century. It enabled people to leave a message in their own voice, in the event of an unconnected call. The voicemail recipient could simply dial the voicemail inbox number, and listen to their voicemail messages at any time.

However, early voicemail systems incurred high infrastructural overhead and expenses to the mobile operators. Kirusa saw an opportunity, and set out to change the way voicemail implemented.

Kirusa saw an opportunity and set out to change the way voicemail implemented. In its course, Kirusa pioneered the early voicemail solutions with multiple patented technologies. The result was a robust, scalable voicemail system enabled people to directly send a voicemail by simply dialing start following by the mobile number. Today, that technology is known as "Voice SMS".

Fast-forward to the cloud era, Kirusa’s relentless pursuit of voice technologies enabled it to transform the voicemail experience, and deliver it over the cloud - facilitating seamless integration with mobile operators across emerging and developed markets.

Voicemail added a personal touch to mobile communication, by including the element of ‘voice’ in messaging. Kirusa set out on the mission to enrich this experience. 100 billion calls later, with a combined base of 100 million monthly active users, Kirusa is at the forefront of the next generation of voice technologies and their applications, delivered over the cloud.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS by Kirusa added a new dimension to messaging, by adding voice to SMS capabilities. As a result, SMS has become faster, easier, and more personal without changing its inherent interoperability and ease-of-use benefits.

A Platform for Content Delivery

Voice SMS opens a new channel for carriers to deliver interactive, voice-based value-added content to their customers. Subscribers using Voice SMS can listen to their content by simply dialling a number.

A Fresh Take on Traditional SMS

Customers can also send each other Voice SMS by dialling star, followed by the recipient’s number. The recipient is notified via SMS and can listen to the message by simply dialling the designated number. It is also well suited for multilingual countries with scores of languages and script-based alphabets that make ‘texting’ more complicated with a standard Roman keypad. Voice SMS can be added to the carrier’s infrastructure with minimal impact. As a highly cost-effective solution, it does not require any changes or upgrades to the existing network, billing and messaging infrastructures. The system is designed and proven to deliver high reliability, full redundancy and seamless scalability.

To sum up, Kirusa’s proven infrastructure to handle 100 billion calls makes Voice SMS a welcome addition to carriers in emerging marketing, paving a new medium for content delivery and engagement for customers worldwide.

InstaVoice Ring

InstaVoice Ring is Kirusa’s unique call-completion service that sends a missed call to the called party when the person trying to call or text, has zero prepaid balance.

Connect via a Single Missed Call

InstaVoice Ring detects a subscriber’s declined call attempts due to insufficient balance and auto-initiates a missed call to the called party.

Companion App with Flexible Architecture

Available as a companion app on smartphones (with iOS, Android and Windows platforms), InstaVoice Ring offers a flexible architecture for quick carrier-integration. Operators can use it with customized branding and benefit from the additional revenue via the call-backs made by the called party. Operators can also enjoy a range of features from InstaVoice Ring such as analytics dashboard, promotional content integration and business rules for fraud prevention. Kirusa’s services are built around the core principles of telecommunication and enable every user to make the most of their mobile. With its distinct call completion solutions, Kirusa seeks to deliver a flawless calling experience.

InstaVoice Channels

InstaVoice Channels is a multi-dimensional mobile entertainment and engagement app that connects people to the content they care about. It has been designed to intensify celebrity-sports-fan interactions via voice. With InstaVoice Channels, fans get daily voice messages and other premium content from the celebrities, sports clubs, news outlets and other content channels they follow. They also have the opportunity to respond to the celebrity’s voice blog by leaving them a voice message! InstaVoice Channels also offers real-time voice-based sports and news updates from, BBC and multiple other partners. Fans can follow their favorite teams from premier football clubs such as Barclay’s Premier League, La Liga, and many more.

DotGo Browser

DotGo is a unique SMS technology that allows mobile operators to launch user-friendly menu-based SMS services rapidly.

Get the Best of Internet

This service functions by converting a website into a feature-rich ‘SMS Site,' and can be accessed via SMS messages on both feature phones and smartphones.

Revenue-generating Platform

DotGo also offers the option of Ad-placements in specific SMS Sites, enabling additional revenue generation for operators.


Kirusa boosts operator-customer engagement with an array of contests for subscribers. Contests give mobile subscribers an opportunity to try their skill and luck to win exciting prizes! Kirusa brings the power of voice to mobile games, allowing users to enter them using their voice, in addition to the traditional SMS channel. By enabling people to call and register, the contests become open to the entire subscriber base, more than doubling their reach. Kirusa offers several contests based on the needs of the carrier and the regulations of the country. The contests help increase usage and retention for the carrier, by offering an exciting array of games over multiple channels, such as Celeb Trivia, Sports Quiz, and GK Quiz. Participants can easily access them by simply dialing a number and sending an SMS. In all, Kirusa’s infotainment portals offer highly engaging forums for subscribers to choose from and avail the various services. Kirusa strives towards delivering a versatile medium that makes infotainment affordable and accessible.

Data Analytics as a Service

Kirusa’s data analytics is dedicated to understanding customer behaviour by analysing the call activity of the platform’s 100 million monthly active users.

Data analytics employs advanced statistical modelling to group customers into relevant segments. Subsequently, it answers questions such as the best time to reach a customer via outbound dialler or SMS, customers who are likely to subscribe to a service, etc.

The insights gained enables Kirusa to improve customer stickiness for carriers, which results in higher ARPU, service adoption and retention.

HeyAnita Voice Platform

HVP is a high-density telephony call control and media processing platform, used to build voice applications. The platform provides native call control & media handling APIs, as well as supporting a VoiceXML interpreter & (a subset of) CCXML. HVP's features allow mobile users to share voice messages and data regardless of the network and handset technology. It allows for applications to interact with the user in the "Early Media" phase of the call, thereby, supporting advanced messaging.