Kirusa launches neXtCeleb & neXtSport® Channels with Nexttel in Cameroon


  • Cameroonians to have direct access to their favorite celebrities on the neXtCeleb Platform
  • Regular updates from popular celebs like Moustik Karismatik, Stanley Enow, Lady B.
  • Access premier feeds from football clubs AEPL, UEFA and La Liga on the neXtSports Forum


Douala, Cameroon, and New Providence, NJ, August 30, 2018: Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data network for consumers and enterprises, today announced the launch of neXtCeleb and neXtSport services on Kirusa® Channels platform, with Viettel Cameroun S.A, the leading telecom company in Cameroon.


Kirusa Channels (earlier called InstaVoice Channels), intensifies and deepens celebrity-fan interactions by leveraging the power of voice. The celeb channel, which is offered as a part of Kirusa Channels, brings celebrities and their fans together. Using the voice blogging feature, celebrities express their emotions and share their joyous and challenging moments daily; the voice messages are delivered instantly to the fans, creating a “Voice Twitter” like experience.


With the launch of this channel, neXttel subscribers can receive voice updates from a diverse set of Cameroonian celebrities like the Comedian Moustik Karismatik, Rapper Stanley Enow, Comedy Journalist Kardinal Aristide, Rapper Lady B, Singer Mimie, and Singer Frederique Ottou.


Sharing his enthusiasm, the Comedian Moustik Karismatik said, “the celeb content channel is an empowering medium that will help bridge the gap between fans and celebrities. I am delighted that Viettel Cameroun and Kirusa are providing a platform where we can connect with our fans on a more personal level.”


The Sports channel is another component of the unique Kirusa Channels platform that provides daily soccer updates, such as team news, pre and post-match analysis, quotes from team players and managers. Users can follow all English Premiere League Clubs, along with UEFA and La Liga. neXttel subscribers can get alerts on football news, players, matches, goals, penalties and much more.


The Cameroon national football team has been one of the most successful teams in Africa since its strong showing in the 1982 and 1990 FIFA World Cup. Cameroon has won five African Cup of Nations titles and the gold medal at the 2000 Olympics. Cameroon was the host country of the Women African Cup of Nations in November–December 2016. The women football team is known as the ‘indomitable lionesses.’


“We are proud of our nation’s football accomplishments. With the launch of Kirusa Channels in Cameroon, we hope to build an impeccable communication network between celebrities and fans for neXttel subscribers. I am confident that Kirusa’s Sports Channel will deliver immense value to Cameroonians, who have a strong penchant for football,” said neXttel E-Commerce Director, Adam Abdu Isa.


On a similar note, Founder, and CEO of Kirusa, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick said, “I am thrilled to announce our partnership with neXttel to deliver Kirusa Channels in a country of football enthusiasts and for users who enjoy being in the entertainment loop. We hope that the effort will go a long way towards making a substantial imprint amongst neXttel subscribers in Cameroon.”


About Viettel Cameroun


Third mobile operator installed in Cameroon and pioneer of 3G technology, neXttel launched its commercial activities on September 14, 2014, throughout the Cameroonian territory. In its perpetual quest to offer its subscribers advanced products and services, neXttel has invested more than 250 billion FCFA in the development of a modern telecommunications network hence the best current coverage in the field of telephony in Cameroon. In addition, neXttel has more than 4 million subscribers in the 10 regions that benefit from fiber optics, which provides uninterrupted service.


About Kirusa


Kirusa is a global leader in providing communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises. Kirusa’s solutions include InstaVoiceReachMe, a voice-over-data solution to help users receive their GSM calls over data in a mobile app, while helping carriers leverage the power of data to enrich the calling experience of their subscribers; InstaVoice®, a unique call completion solution for users that bundles voicemail, missed calls, availability, and ring, and helps mobile carriers monetize missed calls in their networks; Kirusa Konnect™, a Communications Platform as a Sevice (CPaaS) for enterprises that helps bolster enterprise-customer engagement over mobile channels; and Kirusa Channels, that offer users access to live voice blogs from their favorite celebrities, sports clubs, news portals and other streams.  Kirusa solutions are deployed in 46 countries, with 50 mobile carrier partnerships in Africa, Asia, and LatAm. Kirusa solutions are built on its patented technology and highly reliable, scalable multimodal & cloud platforms, which manage over 2.5 billion calls and 100 million active mobile users across the globe, every month. Headquartered in New Jersey and led by an experienced team of wireless telecom executives and technologists, Kirusa has offices in four continents. For more information, visit:

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